Here's a basic NWAS Volleyball or any other Tournament checklist. Please feel free to add anything I miss which I am certain I will.

Food and Drink

  • Cooler with plenty of ice
  • Water or other forms of hydration sports drinks, coconut water (Tournaments can go 10hrs +) 2 bottles of water won't cut it.
  • Fresh fruits / Veggies: Grapes, Watermelon, Snap Peas, Baby Carrots, Bananas
  • Jar of Pickle's or just the juice. Miracle cramp relief.
  • Pedialyte - ¬†Found in baby section of the store. Good electrolyte source.
  • Other snack items that might interest you. Dried fruit, roll ups, trail mix, granola bars, protein bars, Chips and Dip


  • Sunblock / Tan Lotion ( Again 10 + hours in the sun or overcast )
  • Sun Glasses
  • Camp style chair or chairs
  • Towel for drying off your sweat, or drying you off from the liquid sunshine. Something that works great is a Sham Wow or other Shammy type material for soaking in cooler ice water to get your body temp down.
  • Old blanket for laying out on hanging with your homies.
  • EZ Up or other type of pop up cover or big beach umbrella. Chill in the shade.

Misc Stuff

  • Change of clothes, deodorant, socks etc. Don't be that smelly person.
  • Pain Pills - Aleve, Ibuprofen, Advil, etc ( if you don't need it now, you will someday )
  • Adhesive Bandages. ie Band-aid
  • Camera , Video recorder to save the good times.
  • Garbage bag. Help us keep the park clean so we can keep using it!
  • My favorite. Baby Wipes! We're usually not close to a sink and it's nice to use them to get semi clean.
  • Friends and Family to cheer you on!

Hope this helps the newer tournament attendees, even to you old schoolers.