Sportsmanship Rules

Players are expected to know the rules and abide by them. Anyone guilty of
unsportsmanlike conduct may be warned, penalized, suspended from play,
expelled from the building, or suspended from the league.  Refund of registration fees will not be given if suspended.

Unsportsmanlike conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Loud or abusive language.
  • Comments to the referee.
  • Comments to opposing teams or spectators.
  • Throwing or kicking of objects.
  • Questioning a judgment call.
  • Actions, which may result in injury to another person

Subbing Rules

  • Subbing is allowed, but it depends on if it is during Pool Play or Playoff.
  • Pool Play – Players can sub in any division, but only if the other team agrees and approved by a director.
  • Playoff – Players can ONLY sub in their registered division during the Playoffs and must be approved by a director.

Reffing Rules/Duties

  • All Teams will have reffing duties every night. 4 refs are preferred, but a minimum of 2 refs minimum is required. 1 up ref and 1 down ref for score keeping. Duties of an UP REF – An Up Ref must have a whistle and makes the final calls duringthe game. As the head official you must enforce the duties of all the other refs and the following.Enforce 5 minute warm up between games.
  • Start games on the scheduled time.
  • Duties of a DOWN REF – A Down Ref is not required to have a whistle and can ONLY makethe following calls.
  • Net violations
  • Line violations
  • Touch
  • 10ftline fault
  • Duties of a LINES PERSON – A Lines Person is only allowed to make the following calls.
  • Foot fault
  • In or out
  • Touches
  • A Lines Person is not required to have a whistle, but must follow these rules ortheir team will be subject to forfeiture of 5 points per violation reported to tournament directors.
  • Must straddle the corner lines.
  • Must be standing. No chairs are allowed. It’s a safety issue.
  • Must not be talking on the phone or texting during play.
  • Duties of a SCOREKEEPER – A scorekeeper must keep scores for both teams per the Up Ref’s call and report the score accurately on the score sheets.

Failure to perform Reffing Duties

  • If a team fails to perform the minimum requirements of Reffing Rules/Duties the team is subject to the forfeiture of the next game.

Start Time Rules

  • Games must start 5 to 8 minutes after schedule time of play.

Raffle Rules

  • Raffle Prizes are drawn once a night at about 8pm.
    If player’s name is drawn, the player must pick up the raffle prize, by the end of the night, in PERSON.