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Successful first night of league!

leagueshirtsTHANK YOU everyone for a successful first night of league. We hope everyone likes the team t-shirt idea. Please try to wear them every Monday, because it’s cool to be part of a team! If you want to cut off the sleeves, bedazzle them or whatever, please feel free to do so.

We ran late last night because of registration, t-shirts and stuff, but moving forward we need to get things started on time and finish close to 10pm.

I witnessed a few league violations last night, which means some of you haven’t read the rules or haven’t told your new team mates about the rules. Please help us. If you see any violations, please come see Griffin, PT or me. We will enforce the rules for you. RULES are fun!  Rules Page

If you have any questions or you don’t understand the rules I can translate them for you because English is my second language.

Thanks again for everyone’s support. Again we can’t do any of this without all of you.

First league raffle winner goes to Juan, congrats:


Read all about it on our facebook group page:

Your New 2016 Seaside Volleyball Tournament Directors

nwasOn behalf of NWAS Volleyball and Bad Boys Volleyball Open we would like to thank you all for your love and support! You have helped us grow volleyball in our area with a simple idea of playing volleyball for a cause! Not for the money, not for the fame or glory, but for the love of volleyball and giving back. We can not thank you all enough.

This year we have taken volleyball to the next level by adding Indoor Quads League, Jr Boys Volleyball Clinics and Jr Boys Tournaments. Next year we will be adding Jr Boys/Girls Tournaments, 1 sand tournament, and a Summer RC2 Grass League.

seasideThe most exciting announcement is that NWAS/BAD BOYS will be the 2016 TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR for SEASIDE’S 35th ANNIVERSARY! We are all super excited and look forward to the challenge of taking Seaside to the next level! We would like to thank (NPBV) North Pacific Beach Volleyball for leading the way and making Seaside Volleyball what it is today! One of the biggest Pro-Am volleyball tournament on the west coast! We have some big shoes to fill, but we appreciate all you have done for beach volleyball.

badboysThank you to the best crew ever. Deng for his PR talent and coordination. PT for being the tournament voice and funny man! Mike Griffin for being the big brother, mentor and pioneer of running tournaments! Mike Chadwick for all your hardwork and dedication to making tournaments awesome! None of this would be possible, if not for these guys. I am proud to call these boys my friends and brothers! Special thanks to the ladies of NWAS/Bad Boys; Terin Thilavanh and Jennifer Gray for their support and believing in us. They helped sooo much with the layout and content of the proposal, without them we would not be where we’re at now.  Also a huge thanks to everyone that have supported us throughout the years, we couldn’t have done this without you. 

The journey to get here has been fun for us and being selected as the 2016 Tournament Directors for Seaside is a dream come true. We look forward to making the 35th Anniversary Seaside Tournament one to remember! Thank you everyone for your support!