Winter 2016 Season Champs

Congrats to all Winter Season winners.  Another successful league in the books.
AA North Division:

  1. “Sets Kittens” – Erik J, Riley, Cameron, Jill
  2. “Fupa” – Leanna L , Alison, Jason B, Jfro
  3. “Bill and 2 Chicks” – Bill B, Steph M, Daniel L, Emily

AA South Division:

  1. “Love Explosion” – Kaiao, Keoni, Kealia R, Megan B
  2. “Truce” – Juan, John, Nicole, Lindsey
  3. “Brentwood Ballers” – Robb H, Amber, Emily C, Mark F

A North Division:

  1. “T.E.A.M. APPLES” – David K, Bryce Y, Rachel, Meghan
  2. “Tap Dat Chizzz”- Kendra, Beth, Aldis, Onder
  3. “Strangers with Candy” – Brett M, Paul C, Kat, Anna K

A South Division:

  1. “Bump N Grind” – Peter N, Vincent L, Rachel P, Molly M
  2. “NWAS” – Deng, Daniel, Kila, Megan
  3. “3 Shots and a Chaser” – Brooks, Jack, Katie, Erin

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