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About Us

Started by PT and Deng in 2007 with 2 grass volleyball nets.
Thank you everyone who has supported us throughout the years.

Two brothers from another mother from SE Asia, who started playing volleyball back in high school, fell in love with it and continue to coach, play and now organize tournaments. Our goal at the time was to bring the Asian and volleyball community together to play, have fun and organize great tournaments. Hence the name Northwest Asian Sports, but being Asian was not required it was only a plus. Now we are just known as NWAS Volleyball. Since then we have grown into a family of friends from all races and communities with our original goal and now giving back to great causes along the way. We are a players supported type of organization, which means players play at their own risk, there is no fee or membership dues and prizes are generated from entry fees, sponsors and donations. Our staff does not get paid and money kept is for new equipment and expenses to run the tournament. Most of our tournaments are fundraisers for causes that we feel are important to us and the community. Great charities and organizations we have supported through out the years have been Children's Cancer Association, Wounded Warriors Project, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Tigard High School Volleyball, Clark College Volleyball and many more. We try to run one volleyball tournament a month throughout the year. Our tournament format is always double elimination bracket with pool play in the morning for seeding. Division are divided appropriately after pool depending on number of teams.

  • Running tournaments is what we do best!

  • Indoor + Outdoor leagues year round!

  • Us giving back to the community!

Our Staff

NWAS / Bad Boys Board of Directors

PT Thilavanh

NWAS Volleyball Co-Founder/Director

Deng Thepharat

NWAS Volleyball Co-Founder/Director

Mike Griffin

Bad Boys Open Volleyball Founder/Director

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